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How to cite dissertation?

Terms of dissertation in the literature

To clarify the above information, it is best to check the descriptions of dissertations databases; this can be the ProQuest (proquest.co.uk).

Example 1. Compiled by G.R. The title of the thesis: dissertation of the doctor / candidate of mathematical sciences. Moscow State University, Moscow, 2016.

Example 2. Compiled by R.L. Thesis title: thesis abstract of the candidate / doctor of mathematical sciences. Saratov State University, Saratov, 2016. (a space is placed before and after the ellipsis. It fits the settlement in which the dissertation was defended, and not the city where the abstract was printed. The name of the publishing company is not necessary to write.)

Example 3 (foreign source). Writer I.J. Title of dissertation. PhD dissertation. Name of Institution, city, Year. (If there is a Doctoral dissertation entry or Unpublished doctoral dissertation entry in a foreign source, then this entry should be left as is)

An example of the citing a dissertation in literature

Example 1. Compiled by G.R. Thesis title: dipl. work (dissertation of the master of mathematics). Kazan State University, Kazan, 2016.

Example 2 (foreign source). Writer I.J. Title of dissertation. Master’s thesis. Name of Institution, city, Year. (Master’s thesis. If there is an Unpublished master’s thesis entry in a foreign source, then this entry should be left as is)

Detailed instructions on how to issue a dissertation in literature.

Writer r I.J. Title of dissertation. Doctoral dissertation / Master’s thesis. 2016. AAA database. (Accession / Order No.) (The point is not put at the end. The name of the scientific base and ways to access it are written.

Writer E.R. A mathematical framework. Doctoral dissertation. 2016. AAA Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 09279133285)

Compiled by G.R. Thesis title: the dissertation of a doctor of mathematics. sciences. Kazan, 2016. http: //www.xxx/xx/ (Text from the available information database, the repository of the higher educational institution, HAC, the state educational portal. The name of the scientific institution is not written)

Features of the design reference to a thesis from the Internet

If the dissertation is published on the Internet, then it is necessary to use the format only in cases where there is a need to provide a link to the verbatim quotation from a scientific manuscript from an Internet source without numbered pages and there is no possibility to verify the original. In other cases, the Internet resource is not necessary to write.

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Doing great with a term paper

Upon admission to a university or secondary special institution of our vast country, it seems that the most important and terrible things are over, and nothing can frighten a seasoned student, except for the thesis and state examinations. But it will be oh, how soon writing a term paper. Therefore, it may be a complete surprise for some that the fact that before the release you need to walk, to finish it. “Is there still need to learn?” – with bewilderment and disbelief in their eyes, the question arises. And start small (or large, each – their own) problems.

Select a topic.

As soon as the teacher announces publicly that he gives the task to write a term paper on his subject, and that the topics need to come up and choose, do not delay this process – what if your topic has time to take a nimbler fellow student?

How to choose a topic?

Carefully read the full list of topics, think about which one is most immediately clear to you, immediately. Most likely, you should choose it. It’s no wonder that your brain noted it from the total number of topics.

Start immediately to stock up on all the materials and term paper samples that you find on your subject.

Check with the teacher which publications are preferred. Maybe you need to use several textbooks and books from the library, so you need to work with such materials in advance – a little later these instances will not be found with fire during the day.

After you have learned everything that is needed for the design of the work (and the assessment depends on it not less than for the content), you can write a title page. Check one more time with the recommendations of the training manual.

Based on the collected material and those thoughts that have already appeared during the month of information gathering, you can write an introduction (look again at the guidelines – this is your desktop Bible) and sketch out an approximate content.

Grab the composed introduction and content, you can also grab the material you found. The benefit of this event will be undoubted – firstly, the teacher will remember that you asked him authoritative opinions, and secondly, he will give those instructions that he himself will not reject later, therefore the correct course of work is already provided.

Best knows how and what to write only one person – your teacher. However, you can always find good samples of term paper. But so that you do not torture him with constant questions, understand right away that you do not understand, and then go for a consultation.

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Dissertation proposal: correct instructions

A dissertation proposal is a document that describes in detail what is planned to write for research work on a specific school project. To come up with material that will serve as the basis for a successful proposal, you need to think over and prepare a topic. Once you have a topic, review the literature to identify gaps. For help, you can view examples of research proposals. This will help you identify and highlight the problem area. It will also provide an opportunity to add body and demonstrate knowledge. The introduction is the next stage where you can formulate a statement of the goal, which describes in detail why the topic is of interest and importance. You can do this by highlighting the gap you have noted and the relevance of the solution to the main problem. This will give you a guide on how you should argue, suggesting a field of study.

The dissertation question should be properly described with clearly defined goals and objectives for the results. A preliminary bibliography can also be constructed by writing links, pages, authors. Titles and publication information. Specify the methods that will be used to collect your data; for example, if you conduct informal interviews or hand out questionnaires. Depending on the topic, the focus group can also be used to collect accurate information. Review your audience and understand that they need a comprehensive offer to follow your proposal, accept its ingenuity and welcome your choice of learning. For a clear understanding of the task, review samples of other dissertation proposals.

If you offer a narrow topic or an insufficiently defined area of ​​study, you can instill confidence in the reader by compiling a list of resources that you will consult to obtain convincing evidence and results. Such as; documentaries, publications, magazines, newspaper records and even biographies that will support your research.

It is important to demonstrate that you can complete the work on time or at the time set by the institution. This will be demonstrated when discussing data collection and analysis methods. Be sure to include the ethical permissions required for your dissertation, if necessary. Sometimes approval is required depending on your training method. For the safety of the participants involved, it is necessary to ensure that the investigation is conducted with respect. It is also useful to mention a methodology that differs from the method when writing a good research proposal. Methodology refers to a theory that justifies the method of research that you have chosen to comply with. Given these few simple instructions, you can write a good dissertation proposal.

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MLA style and its scope in an essay

MLA (Modern Language Association (MLA) Style) is the most widely used format of paperwork and citation of sources in the humanities. It was developed by the Association of Modern Languages. Academic style MLA is used in the USA, Canada, and other countries to create written works in English, English literature, spelling, research of other modern languages ​​or literature, including comparative analysis, literary criticism, studies of the media, cultural studies, and related disciplines. Published in March 2009, the seventh edition of the “Handbook of MLA for Writers and Research” is primarily addressed to secondary school students,

colleges, university teachers, their students. This is the latest update of the directory at the moment. In addition, there is the “Guide to the style of the ILA and a guide to scientific publications,” offering examples of the general format of research works of the ILA, citations in the text, end references, as well as the page “Used Literature”.

MLA format style

The document is typed on a computer and printed on a standard white paper of size 215.9 x 279.4 mm. (8.5 x 11 inches).

There must be a double space between the lines. You should use an easily readable font (for example, Times New Roman). Whichever font is chosen, the Association of Modern Languages ​​(AST) recommends that regular font and italics be easily distinguished. Font size should be 12 points.

After the sign at the end of the sentence, only one space is put, as well as after other punctuation marks.

The width of all fields of the document should be equal to 2.54 cm.

Essay and similar documents

MLA requires in essays that when dividing a document into sections, they are numbered in Arabic numerals, followed by a space and the name of the section.

The Association does not have an established system for listing sections of books. If these are headings of the same level, i.e. sections do not have subsections, it is necessary that they resemble each other grammatically. For example, if the headers are short, it is necessary that they all be of similar length. It is impossible for some of them to be short phrases, and some for long sentences.

In the format of MLA of essays, the link to the author of the quotation in the document itself is brief and clear so that the reader can easily find him in the list of references. The source of information is indicated in brackets in the format “author-page”. This means that only the surname of the author and the page number from which the quotation was taken should be given in the text.

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Presentation for dissertation

A presentation being prepared to defend a thesis is an element that cannot be dispensed with. To protect the result of their hard work on scientific work, it is necessary to make a high-quality design with illustrative material. Dissertation theses and calculations, graphs are placed in the PowerPoint template, combined with the text of the candidate’s report.

When preparing a presentation for dissertation, one should take into account many rules and approach this process no less responsibly than compiling an abstract. The result should meet all the rules for registration, have a presentable appearance and convince the teaching staff that the student was able to learn, not only to gain or apply knowledge in practice but also to present it to the general public.

The difference of presentation for protection from other presentations

In preparing for the defense of their dissertation project, many graduate students mistakenly believe that if you make the design as pompous and ambitious as possible, it will have a stunning effect on members of the dissertation council and the result of defense will be positive. This is a mistaken opinion, and in most cases, an overloaded structure, a bright and defiant background, an overly aggressive form and a background of the submission, tire commission members and lead to a completely opposite effect than was expected by the graduate student.

Accompaniment should not have a large amount of audiovisual material in its structure, especially of a scientific nature.

It should not include the extensive use of English, with the exception of terminological speech turns in English and the title of the topic of work. The structure and composition of a PowerPoint document should simply complement the graduate student’s report, clarify certain points in his speech and help make them more understandable to others.

Presentation structure for the dissertation

When composing the initial template, it should be borne in mind that the sequence of elements must be combined with scientific work. You can use a ready-made example, defended earlier, using their work as a sample. The composition of the document must comply with the following plan:

Presentation of the topic, including in English.

Definition of the work task.

Description of the problems studied in the process of working on a thesis.

The purpose for which the candidate’s work was carried out.

Important results of the Ph.D.

An example of the experiments conducted and the conditions for them (suitable for both the defense of the candidate and doctoral work).

The presentation to the candidate scientific work must necessarily contain data on the main results of the work.