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MLA style and its scope in an essay

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MLA (Modern Language Association (MLA) Style) is the most widely used format of paperwork and citation of sources in the humanities. It was developed by the Association of Modern Languages. Academic style MLA is used in the USA, Canada, and other countries to create written works in English, English literature, spelling, research of other modern languages ​​or literature, including comparative analysis, literary criticism, studies of the media, cultural studies, and related disciplines. Published in March 2009, the seventh edition of the “Handbook of MLA for Writers and Research” is primarily addressed to secondary school students,

colleges, university teachers, their students. This is the latest update of the directory at the moment. In addition, there is the “Guide to the style of the ILA and a guide to scientific publications,” offering examples of the general format of research works of the ILA, citations in the text, end references, as well as the page “Used Literature”.

MLA format style

The document is typed on a computer and printed on a standard white paper of size 215.9 x 279.4 mm. (8.5 x 11 inches).

There must be a double space between the lines. You should use an easily readable font (for example, Times New Roman). Whichever font is chosen, the Association of Modern Languages ​​(AST) recommends that regular font and italics be easily distinguished. Font size should be 12 points.

After the sign at the end of the sentence, only one space is put, as well as after other punctuation marks.

The width of all fields of the document should be equal to 2.54 cm.

Essay and similar documents

MLA requires in essays that when dividing a document into sections, they are numbered in Arabic numerals, followed by a space and the name of the section.

The Association does not have an established system for listing sections of books. If these are headings of the same level, i.e. sections do not have subsections, it is necessary that they resemble each other grammatically. For example, if the headers are short, it is necessary that they all be of similar length. It is impossible for some of them to be short phrases, and some for long sentences.

In the format of MLA of essays, the link to the author of the quotation in the document itself is brief and clear so that the reader can easily find him in the list of references. The source of information is indicated in brackets in the format “author-page”. This means that only the surname of the author and the page number from which the quotation was taken should be given in the text.


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