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Presentation for dissertation

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A presentation being prepared to defend a thesis is an element that cannot be dispensed with. To protect the result of their hard work on scientific work, it is necessary to make a high-quality design with illustrative material. Dissertation theses and calculations, graphs are placed in the PowerPoint template, combined with the text of the candidate’s report.

When preparing a presentation for dissertation, one should take into account many rules and approach this process no less responsibly than compiling an abstract. The result should meet all the rules for registration, have a presentable appearance and convince the teaching staff that the student was able to learn, not only to gain or apply knowledge in practice but also to present it to the general public.

The difference of presentation for protection from other presentations

In preparing for the defense of their dissertation project, many graduate students mistakenly believe that if you make the design as pompous and ambitious as possible, it will have a stunning effect on members of the dissertation council and the result of defense will be positive. This is a mistaken opinion, and in most cases, an overloaded structure, a bright and defiant background, an overly aggressive form and a background of the submission, tire commission members and lead to a completely opposite effect than was expected by the graduate student.

Accompaniment should not have a large amount of audiovisual material in its structure, especially of a scientific nature.

It should not include the extensive use of English, with the exception of terminological speech turns in English and the title of the topic of work. The structure and composition of a PowerPoint document should simply complement the graduate student’s report, clarify certain points in his speech and help make them more understandable to others.

Presentation structure for the dissertation

When composing the initial template, it should be borne in mind that the sequence of elements must be combined with scientific work. You can use a ready-made example, defended earlier, using their work as a sample. The composition of the document must comply with the following plan:

Presentation of the topic, including in English.

Definition of the work task.

Description of the problems studied in the process of working on a thesis.

The purpose for which the candidate’s work was carried out.

Important results of the Ph.D.

An example of the experiments conducted and the conditions for them (suitable for both the defense of the candidate and doctoral work).

The presentation to the candidate scientific work must necessarily contain data on the main results of the work.


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